Of course, nothing contained in this post is news to us… we have mentioned before the outrageous prices of everything in Brazil, ranging from a can of Coca-Cola, to cars, to airfares, to scotch… and here we are again: same subject different day. So we gave the “mic” to one of our readers who lives in the US and has just came back from a business trip Sao Paulo… here is what he wrote to illustrate his view:

“The prices in Sao Paulo have gotten to obscene levels. R$35 for a glass of Argentinian  wine. Lunch was R$42 plus drink, taxi from Av Paulista to hotel Hilton (Marginal Pinheiros) R$40,00, Ponte Aerea to Rio one way R$380, B level hotel room US$380/night, and a routine visit to ENT doctor R$900.”

Expensive, indeed…

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