Lately it’s been common to see the signs of excess coming from some wealthy Brazilians … of course, it is mainly due to Brazil’s booming economy and growth prospects, but many see these moves as signs of a bubble (remember the Japanese in the late 80s?). For instance, we have never seen Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim or Bill Gates showing off anything… but, again, we may be wrong.

To corroborate with these views, here is a piece from Exame:

This weekend, the Brazilian entrepreneur Eike Batista bought one more jet for his collection. The acquisition adds to the billionaire’s other three jets and two helicopters. The last purchase was a Phenom 300, which cost US$10 million. The information is from Veja magazineThis is the cheapest jet of Batista’s fleet. The other three jets are: a Citation 7 (US$12 million), a Legacy 600 (US$23 million) anda Gulfstream G550 ($61million).”
Noveau riche, perhaps?
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