According to BAML chief investment strategist Michael Hartnett, it is time to buy the “Crash Test Dummies.”

What does he mean?

“In our view, the summer decline in bonds, [emerging markets] & gold (the first of a likely series of “QE crashes”) has created short-term trading buy opportunities in these now very unloved assets,” says Hartnett. “In contrast, [strong-dollar] plays (U.S./U.K. stocks, banks, discretionary) now appear relatively over-owned and likely underperformers near-term.”

Most are bullish on global growth…

Net 72% expect stronger global economy, most bullish growth consensus since December ’09, as Eurozone optimism reaches 9-year high and China expectations bounce.

…rotation to Cyclicals, but still short Resources

Increased exposure to Banks and short-covering in Materials, funded by reduced exposure to the Utility sector. Tech the world’s sector and investors appear convinced that U.S.-housing is likely to outperform China-housing (Chart 1).

Most are bearish on Bonds…Treasuries likely to rally

A remarkably low 3% of investors expect long-term bond yields to be lower in 12 months; no surprise asset allocation exposure to bonds at a 28-month low; fixed income concerns may explain why cash levels are still-high at 4.5%.

Most are avoiding Emerging Markets…EM likely to rally

3rd largest [overweight] of U.S. equities in 10-years as U.S. [dollar] optimism remains very high; highest exposure to U.K. & Eurozone stocks since December ’02 & January ’08 respectively; contrarians should note decline in EM equity exposure to lowest since November ’01.

The best August contrarian trades are…

…long EM, short U.S.; long Gold, short [the dollar]; long Bonds, short Nasdaq; long Utilities, short Banks.

Source: BI

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