Here is the latest statement from Barclays:

“Our forecast now assumes that Brazil get downgraded by one notch at the beginning of 2014. And unless there is a credible and material change in the course of fiscal policy, further fiscal deterioration is almost unavoidable, which, along with the weak economic performance, should trigger a negative ratings move (S&P recently placed Brazil on negative watch for these same reasons).”

Brazil’s sovereign credit is ranked BBB by Standard & Poor’s.  Barclays Capital sees it heading to BBB- next year. The good news is (if there is any), is that it’ll still be investment grade.

Source: Forbes, Barron’s

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3 Responses to Barclays: “Brazil credit to be downgraded”

  1. Andre says:

    Why did it was upgraded????????
    Brasil is a piece of shit since 1500.
    the same history. have money and want to slave people? come to brasil, pay bribes, and make a lot of money.
    Sell Brasil !!!!
    All In

  2. Enki Ea says:

    Barclay’s is right but the funny thing is watching/reading this from a crooked to the soul bank that is only alive thanks to the British taxpayers…I guess they should be downgraded first!
    Actually I think they should first get robbed than downgraded : )

  3. Jet Stream says:

    Barclays was NOT bailed out by British taxpayers.
    Nevertheless it’s still run by spivs, crooks and fraudsters.

    Barclays did a murky deal with several Middle East sovereign funds, which was under investigation last time I looked.

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