Brazil’s capital markets are growing up fast. From a slow start, of fewer than 10 initial public offerings in the decade up to 2003, they have recently sped up and in 2007 alone hosted 86 equity deals worth more than $41bn. However, an FT Special Report argues that Brazil’s financial markets have yet to reach their full potential and, as global conditions bite, must act fast if they wish to keep growing.

The main stories of the report are listed below:
Euro crisis stalls solid growth
Equity markets: Commodities drag down index 
Japanese Investment: Mrs. Watanabe caught in currency fire
Interest rates: History of inflation means rate cuts cause alarm
Exchange operator: Threat of competition triggers improvement 
Edemir Pinto: “I’m not interested in services for third parties”
M&A;: Environement of uncertainty reduces activity
Derivatives: Regulated, representative and popular with investors

Here is the print version.

Source: FT

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