Congressman (and ex-football star) Romario celebrated with harsh words this Monday the announcement of the formal resignation of Ricardo Teixeira over corruption allegations from the command of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF). The football star compared Teixeira’s resignation to the “extermination of a cancer,” although he said he finds it “very difficult and almost impossible” for “CBF to give a new face to our football.”

Romario welcomed CBF’s new president, Jose Maria Marin, and said he hoped that he does a better job, “otherwise we will have to eradicate AIDS, too.” And he added: “I’m very happy to know that I attended this moment of victory in the Brazilian football”. His strong text is translated below:

“Good afternoon, All!

Today we are celebrating. We destroyed a cancer in Brazilian football. Finally, Ricardo Teixeira resigned of the presidency of the CBF. I hope the new president Marin, which stole the medal player of Corinthians in São Paulo Juniors Cup, do not make that act a constant in the Confederation. Otherwise, we must also eradicate AIDS.

I wish good luck to the new president and I hope that from today on (though I find it very difficult and almost impossible for it to happen) that CBF give a new face for our football.

I’m very happy to know that I attended this moment of victory for the Brazilian football. I not only believe, but also hope that a general “cleaning” should be done at CBF. Only then we can rest assured that sensible changes will happen.” Romario.

Source: Brasil247

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