A recent Reuters article mentioned recent jokes regarding the “Brazilian 2014 Calendar,” implying only 3 months of real work mainly because of the soccer World Cup, an unusually late Carnival, other holidays and a presidential election.

Here is the “calendar”:

According to it, only August, September and November will be productive months.

More from Reuters:

“The unusual schedule could in fact cause significant damage to productivity and be a further drag on an economy that has already been spinning its wheels, some business leaders and economists say.

“I’ve heard many people say that 2014 will be a lost year. That’s absurd, but if people believe it, I guess it will be true,” said Paulo Motta, head of a retailers’ union in the northeastern state of Bahia.

In a worst-case scenario, the “calendar effect” could shave as much as 0.3% points off Brazil’s gross domestic product next year, said Andre Perfeito, an economist at Gradual Investimentos in Sao Paulo.

What’s clear is that, with Brazil’s economy forecast to grow just 2.3 percent this year, and barely 2 percent in 2014, even a small hit to output is bad news.”

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