Former Brazil President Lula has never hidden from anyone that one of his great international friends was the Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi, who was removed from power and killed last year in a NATO-led military action.

Thanks to their good relationship, several Brazilian companies have won big contracts in Libya, in projects that were often financed by Brazil’s development bank BNDES. But now, the new Prime Minister of Libya, Abdurrahim al-Keib signals for the first time that such contracts may be terminated. He told journalist Jamil Chad that the Libyan government will ” explore whether the contracts signed previously prioritized price or personal relationship with the Brazilian government.”

Companies affected…

Among Brazilian companies that have been sent to Libya because of the Lula-Kadafi relationship are the likes of Andrade Gutierrez, Queiroz Galv√£o and Petrobras. The most problematic case is the state-owned oil giant whose exploration projects have been suspended.

Source: Brasil247

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