Cargill, a world giant in the processing and export of grains, will expand its operation in Latin America, said the company’s financial director, Sergio Rial.

Like other agricultural exporters, the multinational company has benefited from the expanding of the middle class in emerging markets. “Asia remains a very important market, but Latin American countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay have also gained in importance,” said the executive.

In Brazil, the company is preparing to build a corn processing plant in the city of Castro (Parana). The plant will produce starch and corn syrup for use in beverages and foods, and products used in the formulation of food for pets and other animal feed. “This Castro plant will be one of the biggest investments of Cargill in the world, something at around US$200 million.”

The company’s first corn processing plant in Brazil, located in Uberlandia (MG),was expanded by 70% in 2010.

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