A Wall Street Journal analysis of capital flow data suggests that in the 12 months through September, about $225 billion flowed out of China, equivalent to about 3% of the nation’s economic output last year.┬áIt’s not a good sign when local businessmen begin to think it’s better to take money offshore, especially when the world economy is in such bad shape.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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4 Responses to Chart: Cash Leaks Out of China

  1. John says:

    So what

  2. John says:

    Big deal, do like us and print money

  3. alexny says:

    There is a huge cash leak in brazil as well , in brasil most people use what they call “doleiros”

    look at this guy , he is supposed to the the poster boy for brazil and a partner of the super corrupt government ,even him keeps all his money out of brazil 72% on the USA


    Does he know somwthing we don’t?

  4. steve says:

    They probably store their money in the West, which in itself is foolish!

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