Four of Brazil’s former central bank heads, along with the current president, participated in an event hosted by IstoE DInheiro magazine on 19 June. Almost all stressed the need for more investment to move the country to a higher growth path. Arminio Fraga, head of the central bank from 1999 to 2002, said, “If Brazil wants to grow around 4%, it needs to invest more, not only in infrastructure but also in education, science and technology.”

Research firm Timetric tags along Arminio’s statement. “We completely agree with Mr. Fraga. Investment in Brazil lags behind that in other major emerging markets. The current government plans to increase public investment in the hope of stimulating more private investment. However, like some of the former central bankers, we believe creating a more favorable business climate through a focus on structural reforms is the best way to stimulate investment.” 

Investment in Brazil lags behind the other BRICs

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