According to  Valor, the Brazilian Tourism Institute surveyed on hotel rates to be charged in the 12 host cities of the 2014 World Cup and found variations of up to 583% in relation to the prices charged last July.

Officials are concerned with the “Cup inflation” which could contaminate prices in the services industry, from exorbitant daily prices charged by hotels.

For the Cup, the average daily rate in Rio de Janeiro is $461, compared to $200 in Johannesburg, South Africa, and $300 in Berlin, for the final of the World Cup in Germany. South Africa and Germany hosted the last two FIFA tournaments.

In June, Embratur conducted the same survey in nine state capitals which will host 2014 Cup matches and found variation in daily rates of up to 376%. The current survey was conducted in all capitals and identified variations of up to 583%, in Salvador, capital of Bahia.

In Salvador, one of the fancy hotels surveyed showed 583% variation over July — the average rate of the selected hotels jumped to $373 from $128. The second hotel with the biggest variation is also in Bahia’s capital, with a rate for the Cup 397% higher than the one charged last July.

Source: Valor


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