More reasons to believe that China is close to a bust: its new 42km bay bridge.

This article here discusses the opening of the world’s longest sea bridge and an underground tunnel in Quingdao (pictured above). The bridge stretches 42.4 kilometres and links historic Qingdao with the city’s industrial zone Huangdao. The 9.47 kilometre tunnel also links these two cities, but at a different location (see below map).

According to a critic: 
“Nobody is even sure why either the bridge and the tunnel were built, much less the two of them. The bridge seems to be mostly aimed at connection by highway for goods from the ports and airport and tradezones. The tunnel does not provide access to any of this. The high toll for the tunnel means that it will not be used for normal surface transport (private cars and taxis). So why was it built? No one has ever been able to provide me with an explanation. Why was the bridge built at the WIDEST part of the bay? Why was it built when it only provides a 10 minute improvement in travel time? Why was it built with no attention to access and exit? Why were the connecting highways not improved? Who knows.”
Why does it matter? Because China’s potential bust will be bad for Brazil – let’s hope we’re wrong.
Full article here

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