Kuing Yamang, a Chinese Economics Professor who lived in France for most of his life, has been recently making headlines around the world with his provocative (and polemic) thoughts on Europe. He may be too harsh on some of his views, but he is certainly right on the most part. Here are his ten “prophecies” said in an interview for CCTV:
1. The European society is on its way to self-destruction. Its socialist model is very demanding of financial resources. And at the same time, Europeans don’t want to work. There is only three things they care for: leisure, a greener environment, and football (soccer) on TV! Therefore, one must conclude that they live well beyond their means because somehow you have to pay for these things. 

2. The European industry is relocating because they can not support the cost of labor, taxes and other fees to finance the region’s social programs. 

3. Because they can not pay for things, Europeans borrow and live on credit. But their kids will not be able to pay ‘the bill’. 

4. The Europeans are simply destroying their quality of life as they get poorer. They always vote for budgets that don’t fit the bill and create deficit. They are suffocated by debt and can not honor it. 

5. To make things worse, they have another addiction: their governments “squeeze” the taxpayers. Europe holds the world’s record for fiscal policies. It is truly a ‘tax hell’ for those who create wealth. 

6. They still did not realize that wealth can not be created by dividing and sharing, but by working. Because the more you distribute this finite wealth, the less each one gets. Those who produce and create jobs are punished by taxes and fees and those not working are encouraged by aid. It is an inversion of values!

7. Hence, the system is distorted and will soon implode by exhaustion and suffocation. The relocation of production resources causes the lowering of their living standards and the rising of the Chinese’s! 

8. Within one or two generations, ‘we’ (the Chinese) will surpass them. They will become our poor as we give them sacks of rice …

9. There is another cancer in Europe: too many employees for few jobs. Actually, five employees to each job. These employees are starved of public money, are very inefficient, want to work the least possible, and despite the numerous benefits and social rights, are often on strike. But decision-makers think it is better to have an inefficient employee than an unemployed.
10. The Europeans are going to hit a wall at a very high-speed …
Source: Dnoticias, Youtube
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