According to Channel New Asia:

The co-founder of SOHO China, one of the nation’s leading developers, is worried Beijing’s efforts to cool the sector are hurting sales and threatening to send some debt-laden property developers to the wall.
“In my sixteen years as a developer this is by far the most challenging year I’ve ever had, in terms of what we could sell,” Zhang, chief executive of Beijing-based SOHO, recently told reporters.
Since the beginning of this year Beijing, fearing a bubble, has been trying to bring down dizzying prices by hiking interest rates and restricting lending to developers, making it nearly impossible for many to get financing, Zhang said.
Industry officials and analysts are worried that the measures are now squeezing sales so much that property developers who have borrowed heavily to fund new projects could be tipped into bankruptcy.
“A wave of newly completed property is about to hit the market. Developers are likely to find themselves holding large volumes of unsold property.”
In Shanghai — where the average cost for one square metre of downtown housing was 48,000 yuan (about $7,500) last year, about 12 times the average monthly salary — home buyers have little sympathy for cash-strapped developers.
“Considering the high housing prices in Shanghai, a new flat is just a dream,” said Qian Xueqi, a manager at an international hotel.
What does Brazil (and Australia, New Zealand and Canada) have to do with all this? According to Mike Shedlock, commodities might fall significantly… 
“Housing shortages” in China are a mirage just as they were in Florida, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego and other places in the US.
In China, bubble dynamics coupled with insane government intervention and growth policies make it appear as if there are shortages. The entire property sector in China will collapse as will the demand for commodities need to build those houses.
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