There are different ways of measuring wealth losses, of course. You can measure it in dollar terms or percentage terms. The Brazilian oil tycoon has seen his fortune drop from an estimated $34 billion to under $1 billion in a year and a half.

A recent CNBC article (and vide0, watch below) highlighted couple other examples in history:

“In pure dollar terms, there are others who have lost more paper wealth than Batista. In 1999, when Microsoft stock plunged, Bill Gates saw his fortune fall by nearly $40 billion. But he still had around $60 billion left.

“Sheldon Adelson also comes close. The gaming magnate saw his investments decline by around $30 billion in 2008, chopping off 93 percent of his paper wealth. He had to lend his company, Las Vegas Sands, $1 billion of his own cash to keep it going. But when the stock recovered, so did Adelson.

Overseas, Lakshmi Mittal is also a top wealth loser. The Indian steel tycoon racked up a paper wealth loss of around $32 billion during the financial crisis. But he too rebounded fairly quickly with global stock markets.”

But… according to the article, “there are no other recent examples of a billionaire going from $34 billion to under $1 billion in a little over a year.”

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Source: CNBC

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