A can of Coca-Cola in Brazil is among the most expensive in the world, shows a survey made by Radar Economico (Estadao newspaper) in partnership with professor Alcides Leite. The product, which can be considered superfluous by some, says a lot about the state of a country’s economy. The lowest price was found in the city of Guangzhou (China). The survey includes cities in the five continents, located in developed and emerging countries. All prices below are in Brazilian Real (BRL)…

Geneva 2,50
Tokyo 2,32
Sao Paulo (Pao deAçúcar) 1,70
São Paulo (Sonda) 1,68
Sydney 1,59
Buenos Aires 1,47
Cape Town 1,44
London 1,28
New York 1,16
Lisbon 1,11
Santiago 1,04
Paris 0,99
Mexico City 0,98
Guangzhou  0,60
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