A courtesy from Bolha Imobiliaria … the content is actually funny, not to say ridiculous. One smart investor once told me: if Analysts were any good at making forecasts, they wouldn’t have been analysts (they would be billionaires). Here are Banco Santander’s “perolas” (like brazilians say when they are being ironic):

Empresa Código Preço-alvo Upside* Recomendação
Cyrela CYRE3 R$ 26,90 88,38% Compra
MRV MRVE3 R$ 20,10 82,23% Compra
EZTec EZTEC3 R$ 24,00 77,12% Compra
PDG PDGR3 R$ 14,90 112,86% Compra
Gafisa GFSA3 R$ 16,70 143,80% Compra
Rossi RSID3 R$ 20,90 96,80% Compra
Brookfield BISA3 R$ 10,30 85,59% Compra
Tecnisa TCSA3 R$ 18,00 72,25% Compra
Direcional DIRR3 R$ 19,50 102,07% Compra
Viver VIVR3 R$ 5,00 150,00% Compra
Rodobens RDNI3 R$ 22,40 113,74% Compra


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