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We are not too keen on writing about Brazilian politics – we prefer to leave the arduous task of writing about the never-ending corruption in Brazil for other media vehicles. After all, this blog likes to focus mostly on finance and investments. But after being asked about the subject by a few of our readers, here we will open a small exception with a book recommendation. 

In the past, we have recommended a book (in English) about this subject called “Corruption in Brazil: From Sarney to Lula”… it is sold as an eBook at Amazon.com. But this time we have another one that might be of interest to our readers, although it is only available in Portuguese.
In the two governments of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, several cases of corruption rocked the country, and the most serious scandal became known as theMonthly Allowance” (“Mensalao”), in 2008. The leaders of PT (Partido dos Trabalhadores), Lula’s political party, were accused of putting together a complex criminal organization, but Lula (with his Presidency powers) managed to stifle investigations and protect allies and supporters.
Having said that, someone much better suited than us to talk about this subject has written a book about it in 2009, and it is available for free on the internet – it is called “O Chefe” and can be read here. The author is Ivo Patarra. 

We have not read the whole thing, but the few chapters that we looked at should give the reader a great insight into the Brazilian politics mess. Who knows… perhaps we will translate it sometime soon to our international audience.

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