Brazil Transport Minister stepped down yesterday on corruption allegations. No big deal though, corruption in Brazil is very common. What is intriguing here are the details of the contract of one of its infrastructure projects. From Google Translate:
“China showed the world last week, its latest engineering beauty (see photo above). With 42 kilometers long on the Jiaodhou Bay, the bridge was built in four years at a cost equivalent to BR$57 million per km. The final price was BR$2.4billion. Almost at the same time that the Chinese government showed its marvel, the Brazilian National Department of Transport Infrastructure (DNIT) chose the design of their new bridge over the GuaĆ­ba river in Porto Alegre. This (much) smaller brazilian bridge will be 2.9 kilometers long, or fourteen times smaller than the Chinese bridge. Despite this fact, it would take the same four years to build and consume BR$ 400 million per km, judging by the final price of BR$1.16 billion.” 

If you do the math, that is 7 TIMES THE COST OF THE CHINESE PROJECT! Isn’t it amazing how greedy these brazilian guys can get? No wonder why he got caught…
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