Brazil President Dilma Rousseff said on Tuesday at a government cermony in Brasilia that Brazil needs to be prepared for a long period of global crisis. “The current crisis that developed countries are experiencing may take another five, six, seven years. It will end at some point, but we have much to do,” she said. Dilma also said that “we do not have their problems, but they will all end up coming out of the crisis at some point.”

Dilma also argued that there is an inadequate taxation system in Brazil. “The tax system is inadequate if we consider that we tax inputs that are fundamental for the development of our country. For instance, I don’t know of many countries that tax electricity, but we do,” she said.

The President went further in her speech and made comments on the internal challenges that must be overcome to ensure growth. “We all know about the difficulties to implement a tax reform, as it was also difficult to adopt resolution 72 (on the ports). It was almost not approved. And resolution 72 is one of the most absurd things that our country has practiced. It was an incentive to imports and against local production. It was like valuing the work of the Chinese, who were deeply thankful of 72, valuing the work of Europeans and Americans, and devaluing the work done here in Brazil,” she said.

Source: Estadao

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