Brazilian billionaire Eike Batista is negotiating the acquisition of online shoe and clothing retailer Dafiti (a Brazilian-version of Zappos), Veja reported in its Radar column today.


What’s the best comment for the news above?

1. He will rename all running shoes to Eike Air.

2. He will add wigs to the company’s product line.

3. He will park all of his 17 cars in the middle of the company’s warehouse, just to make sure everyone knows who’s the Big Boss.

4. He has just raised US$1 billion from the BNDES to buy out the shoe company and is getting ready to launch its mega IPO on Bovespa in exactly 17 days (even though the company is not profitable and loses US$100 million/year). This should be enough to double his wealth to US$60 billion in 4 months, putting him second only to Carlos Slim as the world’s wealthiest egocentric maniac. At that point, he will be ready to buy out the whole country.

5. All of the above


Some weekend humor doesn’t kill anyone…

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