According to consultancy firm Economatica, public companies with the majority of their shares owned by billionaire Eike Batista almost tripled their losses in 1Q12 when compared to last year. Batista’s EBX companies lost together R$180.6 million in the first quarter, compared with R$ 64.1 million in the first three months of last year.

Oil company OGX recorded the largest loss: R$ 132.4 million, almost four times more than in 2011 when its loss was R$33.9 million.

Logistics company LLX increased its losses by almost seven times: R$ 7.9 million, compared to R$ 1.18 million last year. Eike’s other companies that lost money were MPX (R$ 77.5 million) and PortX (R$ 22.7 million).

On the other hand, OSX, EBX’s company that builds oil platforms, had profits of R$10.5 million in the first quarter, reversing a loss of $ 21.7 million last year.

Mining company MMX saw its profits fall by 23% to R$49.3 million in first quarter from R$ 63.8 million last year.

COMPANY 2011 (in R$ millions)                       2012 (in R$ millions)  
LLX (logistics) -1,2 -7,9
MMX (mining) 63,8 49,3
MPX (energy) -57,7 -77,5
OGX (oil) -33,9 -132,4
OSX (shipbuilding) -21,7 10,5
PortX (logistics) -13,4 -22,7
TOTAL -64,1 -180,6
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