Here is an interesting note from the latest “Viewpoint” report by Goldman Sachs’ chairman Jim O’Neill:

“On many occasions this year, I have mentioned that due to its very high scores on measures of  productivity and sustainable growth, we could all learn plenty from South Korea. It ranks fourth out  of 183 countries on Goldman Sachs’ Growth Environment Score. I often suggest to policymakers  from each of the BRIC and N11 economies that they should study Korea closely, and adopt the better of things that appear to be responsible for Korea’s ranking, especially since they are at an income level close to that of the G7 countries. I mentioned this idea at two separate educational events this week. One was a private meeting with the CEO of Teach for All, Wendy Kopp. The other was a conference of economics teachers here in London. It was pointed out to me by Wendy, partly in agreement, that one of the reasons why Koreans seem to be so well educated is that a large number of them spend hours in additional educational activities in the evenings (often paid for privately). A delegate at the conference suggested to me that Korea has a rather high suicide rate and it wasn’t obvious one should copy everything they do. I found that hard to disagree with….

But as I did discuss more with some Russian observers this week, I do think there is a lot that other aspiring nations can learn from Korea, if not necessarily everything.”

Source: Goldman Sachs

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