Is Europe too broke or Brazil is just too expensive? Maybe both.

The European Parliament has decided to cancel its participation in the Rio+20 UN conference on sustainable development. Other important countries, such as the United States, UK and Germany, will also not be present.

For Europeans, believe it or not, the main problem is money (or should we say, the lack of it). The price of hotels in Rio soared by up to 600 euros per night. Moreover, although the UN conference will be held between 20th and 22nd June, the hotels in Rio are forcing clients to make reservations for longer periods of time.”A typical Rio +20 participating official has only three days available for the conference. Many members of our delegation planned to stay for only two nights but are being forced to pay seven to ten nights,” explained the Dutch parliamentarian Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy.

According to Gerbrandy, the total trip cost for his delegation costs around EU$200,000, of which about EU$50,000 would have been spent for unused nights in hotels. “It can’t be like that. The Brazilian government should have planned it better.”

Hence, the EU Parliament will not send a formal delegation in Rio +20.”Unfortunately, this is our final decision,” said Gerbrandy, who will still try to make it at his personal expense.

Source: Publico

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