Here is from a recent BofA Merril Lynch note:

“Besides further interest rate cuts in the euro area and China, w expect the Federal Reserve to underwrite $500bn worth of QE this quarter. If we are right, systemic central banks will have largely fulfilled recent market expectations of significant policy rescue. But for risk assets to rally more consistently, investors need to see more than willing-and-able central banks, in our view. On top of expanding liquidity, a meaningful market rally needs: (i) an abating sovereign crisis in Europe; and (ii) improvement in the global data. Are these conditions likely to materialize? 

We think the crisis in the euro area will remain an open sore. The outcome of last week’s summit indeed revealed steps in the right direction. But it was no game changer. As German officials have been keen to highlight, the principle of no mutualization of national liabilities without sovereignty transfers looks intact. Moreover, the painstaking debate on what both shared banking supervision and ESM direct help to banks entail is only beginning. As Laurence Boone explains, the effectiveness of a banking union lies in the details.  

The Eurogroup will meet next week, when we hope to learn more about the conditions underpinning the Spanish banking bailout. By the end of the month the Troika should unveil the magnitude of funding gaps in Greece. With policymakers still balking at prospects of another debt relief round (that is, official sector involvement), we think pressure on the new Greek government is likely to mount. We have seen this before: if the Troika pushes for significant adjustment over a short period of time the weakest link of Greek political stability will likely break. The well-known Greek dilemmas should resurface soon.”

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