Consultancy firm BDO, which specializes in sports studies and surveys, has come up with a thorough analysis of Brazil’s 20 largest football clubs by revenue. The figures in the report (for download below) show the total revenue, debt, and payroll costs for each club, according to 2011 audited statements provided by the clubs themselves.

Here is a sneak peak of the 20 largest by 2011 revenue:

Some interesting findings:

– The revenues of the clubs grew in large part because of the amounts received by individual TV contracts;

– Transfer sales increased in absolute value, but lost share overall. Sponsorship and advertising contracts are the second source of revenue for the 20 clubs analyzed in the study. Box office ticket sales fell as a result of stadium construction and reforms.

– Costs overall went up but TV contracts were able to prevent earnings to fall;

– Debt levels are at a worrisome level. Over the past five years these 20 clubs increased borrowing from a total of R$ 2.04 billion in 2007 to R$ 3.86 billion in 2011. In the last three years alone the total combined debt rose 42%.

– The finances provided indicate that in 2012 the clubs have an excellent opportunity to employ the increasing revenues to reduce their deficits and indebtedness.


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