Foxconn Technology Group plans to build a factory to produce car batteries and solar panels at Eike Batista’s Acu Port in Rio de Janeiro state, the Brazilian billionaire told reporters today. “I am now in my office with the Foxconn team working with me.”

The plant will require investments of $1 billion and Batista may join Foxconn in the venture, he said, adding they may form a partnership with a 50 percent stake each.

Eike also mentioned that Foxconn is developing technologies such as LED bulbs powered by a solar panel. Apparently, the technology is currently being tested in the Acu Port.

In February, the businessman said he was negotiating with the government of Minas to build a Foxconn manufacturing facility in the state. In Jundiaí (Sao Paulo), the city where the Taiwanese manufacturer builds Apple equipment, there is an ongoing negotiation between the company and the workers’ union after officials complained about the lack of water, the quality of food and transport. The union promises to start a strike if improvements are not made until May 3.

The Jundiai unit has 2,500 people working in the production of iPhones. According to unnamed sources, Foxconn is hiring staff to begin the production of iPads.

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