According to a recent poll by economics professor Alcides Leite, the price of gasoline in Brazil is 80% higher than in the United States. Despite the fact that the fuel costs at Petrobras’ refineries are 25% cheaper than its American counterparts, the gas price ends up almost twice as expensive to the Brazilian consumer.
The poll below was made six months ago, when the US dollar was close to R$1,70… some things have changed since then from a currency conversion stand point, but the idea is still there: that prices in Brazil (from cars, to airfares, to sodas, to consumer goods, and even Panettone) are higher than in many of the rich countries in the world…
Country vs. Price per L

Norway US$2,76
Greece US$2,53
Sweden US$2,43
Netherlands US$2,38
Germany US$2,31
Italy US$2,30
UK US$2,30
France US$2,10
Spain US$1,95
Chile US$1,90
Japan US$1,83
Brazil US$1,75
Canada US$1,33
Peru US$1,30
USA US$0,97
Argentina   US$0,84
Mexico US$0,75
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