According to the Global Property Guide’s latest house price indices survey, the world’s housing markets moved clearly down during the year to the first quarter of 2012. House prices fell in 24 countries, of the 36 countries for which quarterly house price statistics are available, and rose in only 12 countries.

According to the report:

“Over the year to Q1 2012, Delhi house prices skyrocketed by 24.41%, though during the last quarter, they fell 0.07%. Some other Indian cities like Chennai and Kolkata saw house price falls year-on-year, according to NHB Residex.

In Sao Paulo, house prices climbed by 18.70% in the year to Q1 2012, but the latest quarter saw a more mild price-increase of 2.57%.”

In Australia, house prices fell for the fifth straight quarter to -6.04% from a year earlier, the longest downturn for a decade. Among other findings: fast deterioration in European housing markets, most Asian housing markets are slowing, and the US housing market is showing signs of progress.

Source: Global Property Guide

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