This is a Part II of our series “How the Chinese are killing the Brazilian industry“.
The massive entry of “Made in China” cell phones in Brazil might be seeing its end. The Brazilian government is considering imposing sanctions to stop the indiscriminate arrival of these devices in the country, which shot up in 2011 and threatens the local industry.  
According to Abinee (Brazilian Electronics Association), China’s share in imported mobile phones jumped from 54% in February to 85% in August of last year. In 2011, it is estimated that the overall market may have sold 57 million handsets in Brazil, of which 20 million are Chinese.

Domestic manufacturers have accused China of unfair competition. Some of these Chinese devices are being imported at a cost of U$12, while in Brazil the lowest cost to produce these terminals is US$38.

The government believes that Chinese factories are using the benefit of export granted by the Chinese government to win in the Brazilian market.

Who are the targets of the complaints?
Here are they are: Alcatel One Touch, Huawei and ZTE, which together accounted for 95% of Chinese phones imports, said an industry source.
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