Brazilian companies are killing it!

The rank below shows the ten most profitable companies in the American continent, based on 2011 profits… Brazilian companies seem to be very well positioned when compared to other world’s leading companies, with Vale and Petrobras making it to the top ten along with behemoths like Exxon and Apple. Sometime ago we wrote about Brazilian companies that were considered great investments in the last ten years: surely, Vale and Banco do Brasil were in the list… why not? A hundred dollars invested in Vale (NYSE: VALE) in February 2002 would now be worth more than $1,200!

Anyway, here are the top ten and their 2011 profits:

1. Exxon Mobil (US$41.1 Billion)

2. Apple Computer (US$33 Billion)

3. Chevron Texaco (US$26.9 Billion)

4. Microsoft (US$23.5 Billion)

5. Vale (US$20.2 Billion)

6. JPMorgan (US$19 Billion)

7. AIG (US$17.8 Billion)

8. Petrobras (US$17.8 Billion)

9. Walmart (US$16.6 Billion)

10. Wells Fargo (US$15.9 Billion)

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