No one argues that Eike Batista, the same man who aspires to be the world’s richest man (currently he is the 8th, according to Forbes), loves media attention. We do not disagree with him that Brazil is a long-term growth story and blah blah blah, but it is important to not put the cart before horse.
In a recent BBC interview (via Exame), the chairman of EBX once again praised Brazil. Citing the importance of exports for some sectors of the Brazilian economy, Eike said that “Brazil could live in isolation from the world.” (perhaps exaggerated? we assume he is a believer of the “emerging markets decoupling” BS)

We are the part of the world that is growing,” said Eike. For the entrepreneur, there will be two different worlds: one that is growing – the emerging economies, including Brazil – and the other with the U.S. and Europe having to tighten their belts. He said that countries in financial difficulties can take Brazil as an example. (again… perhaps exaggerated? Easy Nancy… we are just seeing Europe, US, and China “sneezing” while Brazil stumbles… as of today, no signs of decoupling yet).

“Brazil could live an immigration movement similar to what happened with the U.S. in the 90s, with people immigrating from other countries to make a fortune here. Among the BRICs, we are the most westernized, with strong democracy. I do not think the other BRICs have a strong democracy like ours,” he said.

Ok Eike, ok...

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