Finally some good news!

As long as there is a receipt, from now on any surgery can be included in tax filings and deducted from the taxpayer income. This benefit includes any plastic surgery, whether it is cosmetic or reconstructive.

The Brazilian IRS (Receita Federal) has only recently formalized the decision on this subject. According to Exame, this questionable bill has been finally implemented as authorities realized how difficult it was to determine the true needs of a plastic surgery in an individual’s health, as people can be psychologically affected by an aesthetic problem (think of all the vain women who can feel depressed for not being voluptuously “talented”). Now, being a deductible expense, taxpayers are encouraged to declare their surgery and thereby avoid tax evasion by the clinics, who were sometimes seen as inflating their bills in their filings in order to pay less taxes.

Anyway, thanks Receita Federal… time to celebrate.

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