The fast food chain KFC is expanding its operations in São Paulo by opening its first store in the city of Santo Andre. The new facility, located at Shopping ABC has the capacity to serve over 20,000 customers per month. The chain currently owns 17 stores in Brazil, being 13 in Rio and 4 in Sao Paulo, but it plans to open another 10 units this year in Rio and Sao Paulo.

According to the company’s chief executive in Brazil, Flavio Maia, the brand plans a strong expansion in Sao Paulo.

“The entry of KFC into the city of Santo Andre is part of the expansion plan we have established for the Sao Paulo state county. The brand acceptance here is huge and the search of potential franchisees for KFC has intensified lately. Customers are demanding our presence in several regions, and we are positive about our operations growth prospects”, said Maia.

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