We have just recently discussed how Brazil has been adopting a flood of initiatives to protect domestic industry from the invasion of imports. A survey identified 40 measures implemented or under consideration… but a world rank of protectionist countries could put this issue into a broader perspective.

No surprise that such a rank would include Russia, Argentina, China and India…. however, the United Kingdom, the cradle of liberalism, appears close to these four in a survey by the French newspaper “Le Monde”, referring to data from the Global Trade Alert (GTA), an organization based in London. Here is their recent rank of the world’s most protectionist countries (via Radar Economico), by number of measures adopted since 2008 (the EU was left out for some reason):

1. Russia (160 measures)

2. Argentina (125 measures)

3. China (80 measures)

4. India (70 measures)

5. UK (63 measures)

Last November, the same GTA released a report (for download below) with this same rank and that said the following:

In the three years since the first G20 Summit in Washington, DC in November 2008 a total of 1027 state measures have been implemented that have almost certainly harmed foreign commercial interests. Another 160 measures have been implemented that are likely to have harmed foreign commercial interests, bringing the total number of protectionist measures to nearly 1200.

And the UK was right there at number 4, championing the art of protectionism for a so-called “liberal”. Here is the November rank:

Full November report below…

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