With an investment of US$ 1.5 million from the Agency for Promotion of Exports and Investments (Apex-Brazil), Macy’s will launch a special program to sell 18 Brazilian brands in more than 300 of its 800 US stores, starting this Sunday (22/4).

The largest American retailer will start selling at their department stores items such as Natura cosmetics and designer clothes Neon to promote the “Brazilian lifestyle.”

The campaign “Brazil: A Magic Journey”, part of Apex’s strategy to promote the country abroad, had all the marketing internally designed by Macy’s, and will have a launch party on May 16, featuring Sergio Mendes and Bebel Gilberto.

Martine Reardon, the company’s marketing VP, denied the possibility of Macy’s entering the Brazilian market. “I want to spend more time here [in Brazil], so I wish we would come. But the company doesn’t have this plan.”

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