Brazilians are literally “ballin” around the world… last July, the NYPost has published a story on its Page Six that said the following:

“The jet set has crash-landed on the Riviera to party the summer away at lavish bashes complete with caged tigers and crates of Cristal. Wealthy Frenchman Thomas Leclercq threw a party in St. Tropez Saturday for more than 500, with two tigers that were supposed to roam freely through the crowd … the biggest spender, Brazilian businessman Wilson Borges, splashed out more than a million euros at Club VIP on bottles including 1990 Cristal Methuselah, the world’s most expensive Champagne.”

Need a loan? Get in line or dial 1-800-WILSON-BORGES … the “carioca” film producer is having fun and showing off, so what? Rumors say that he was celebrating the end of poverty and the rise of the middle class in Brazil… leave him alone! But wait, he just did it again in Miami last weekend, though in a more generous and “low-key” style, we must say. Here is from a more recent NYPost article:

“Brazilian businessman Wilson Borges kept his guests awash in Champagne at Ultra Music Festival in Miami last weekend. Sources tell us deep-pocketed Borges blew US$170,000 on 150 bottles of Dom Pérignon Luminous in exclusive Room 101, a VIP suite built by Provocateur co-owners Michael Satsky and Brian Gefter within Swedish House Mafia’s Masquerade Motel event. We’re told the bubbly came to Borges’ table in two rounds of 75 bottles each, and he generously offered up glasses to his group of 15 and to other attendees in surrounding areas.”

What’s the best comment for the story above?

a) how do you fit 75 bottles in one table? Wouldn’t it be better to make 10 rounds of 15 bottles each, instead of 2 rounds of 75, just for a breather?

b) how can 15 guests consume 150 champagne bottles? (On second thought, it’s not that difficult…)

c) the million dollar question: Are Brazil movie producers this rich??? (some Brazilian algebra for you: considering that Petrobras and state bank BNDES sponsor all the Brazilian movies – Cinema Nacional – with joint sponsorship budgets of up to R$100 million a year… yeah, I guess they can be rich. And by the way, the sponsorship comes mostly from the otario taxpayer. Even TV-station Globo makes money from Petrobras’ film sponsorships…)

d) All of the above.

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