Who loves grapes?

As you all may know, the city of Sao Paulo is the engine of the world’s sixth largest economy. It’s also among the five largest metropolitan areas in the world and is considered to be the “financial capital of Brazil”. It is as relevant to Brazil as New York is for the USA… or more. One might imagine that the mayor of such a city must be someone “presentable” to the world…or not.

After we announced a few months ago that Tiririca (“The Illiterate Clown”) might be running for mayor (which ended up not happening, thank God!), we would like to present the man that is currently leading all opinion polls on voting intentions for mayor of São Paulo and will very likely win the race: his name is Celso Russomano. He became popular in the early 90s when he was a reporter for a sensationalist TV show, and is now affiliated to a political party owned by the evangelical church “Igreja Universal” (yes, you read it right).

So, ladies and gentlemen, here we present the video series “Your Past Might Condemn You”. You will now watch four classics of the future mayor of Sao Paulo when he was only a “respected journalist”.

Who loves grapes? (if you didn’t get it, watch the second video).


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