Seriously, guys? We did not resist this one…

According to Lauro Jardim, after a round of talks with Valdemar Costa Neto during Carnival, Tiririca, an “Illiterate Clown” (“Illiterate clown” is not meant as a pejorative: Tiririca is a professional clown who cannot read) authorized the dome of his political party (PR) to make moves to launch his name to join the race for mayor of Sao Paulo.

According to Tiririca, the candidacy began to be entertained after a large amount of letters and emails from potential voters started to pop up at the PR’s office requesting his presence in the race. Tiririca said the following:

“The party told me that my constituents are pushing for me to be a candidate. I told them I’m available. I am very happy to have my name remembered. It is a very important thing.”

Tiririca, real name Francisco Silva, entered the Brazilian Congress after bagging more than a million votes as he ran for a seat to represent the state of Sao Paulo – Brazil’s largest.

‘Vote for Tiririca [‘grumpy’ in English], you can’t be worse than you are now,’ was one of the clown’s controversy-stirring campaign slogans. ‘What does a federal legislator do? I don’t know, but if you elect me I’ll tell you,’ was another.

Only in Brazil…

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