In a recent vote by members of the Congress to increase the politicians salaries in Brazil, senator Ivo Cassol said that the “poor” Brazilian politician does not make enough since since he “works too hard for such a small income”. The congressional vote could result in two extra wages (in addition to 13th salary every year, they may gain the 14th and 15th), in the form of an “allowance” at the very beginning of each year.

In addition to their salary of R$26,700 (US$15,000) per month – equivalent to about 42 minimum wages – the Brazilian senators receive other benefits such as a monthly housing allowance of R$3,800, limitless medical aid, and dental and therapeutic support of up to R$25,900 annually. And more: a R$15,000 per month in payroll expenses plus five round trip airline tickets to Brasilia per month.

A comparison between the gross monthly salary of Brazilian Senators and other countries – excluding benefits and perks – shows that although the Brazilians earn less than Italians, French and Germans, they are still better off than the Americans and British.

See it for yourself below (in R$), according to Corriere

Italy R$38,500
France R$32,500
Germany R$30,400
Brazil R$26,700
USA R$26,400
Canada R$24,100
Grece R$20,600
Mexico R$18,200
UK R$15,800
Argentina R$14,600
Spain R$11,100
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