The lack of accommodations in Rio de Janeiro is giving a headache to the organizers of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development known as Rio +20.

According to Radar Online, the Foreign Ministry has found hotels rated only two stars but charging R$600 a day during the week of the event (20-22 June).

One of the biggest tourist destinations in Brazil, home of the Cup final in 2014 and 2016 Olympics, Rio has already one of the highest daily hotel prices in the world, according to Hotel Info. The hotel prices in the city are already the sixth largest in the world, with an average of R$326. Only New York, Moscow, Tokyo, Oslo and London are more expensive.

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3 Responses to Price Absurdities: Two-star hotel in Rio charges R$600 a day

  1. jayme says:

    hahahah vai vendo..

    moscow exemplifica bem o que é o brasil

    corrupto, infraestrutura de merda, rico em commodite, meia duzia de baroes de gas/petroleo uber bilionarios, o resto se fudendo e pagando altos precos (porem, PAGANDO..) e os precos nas alturas e que se foda..

    malandro rio babilonia.
    o preco nao cai nem fudendo!

    NAO CAI!

    nao adianta chora.. bate pezinho, dar cambalhota pra tras, nao cai!

  2. Luiz says:

    Só 1 comentário:
    2 estrelas na Europa = 4 estrelas no BR

    just 1 comment:
    2 stars in Europe = 4 stars in Brazil
    2 stars in Br = Be carefull

  3. samuel says:

    You got the point! Two stars in Brazil = unclassified, boarding house.

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