As our Panettone price comparison post generated much discussion among our audience, we decided to offer you an update (thanks to one of our anonymous readers) and let you know that the price absurdity in Brazil is larger than we thought.

About 3 weeks ago, we said that, at US$6.99 (equivalent to BR$12,20), it is cheaper to buy a Panettone (imported from Brazil) in a US supermarket than one at Pao de Acucar (for BR$12,99) in Sao Paulo. 

But here is a price update: now the same Panettone in the US costs US$4,49 (R$8,50), not including taxes, at Aldi’s super market while in Brazil’s Pao de Acucar is now at “discount” for R$11,99… still about 40% more expensive.

Other outrageous prices in Brazil (when compared to the US) can be found here: Coca-Cola cans, cars, airfares, scotch
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