It’s been a while since we’ve posted price comparison articles. In the past, we have cited Coca-Cola cans, cars, airfares, scotch… and here we are again… but to discuss fruits. Below are the prices (in BR$) of some fruits sold in Sao Paulo and New York stores:

Banana (kg):

Sao Paulo (Pao de Acucar): 5,00

Sao Paulo (Sonda): 3,23

New York (D’Agostino): 3,48

New York (Food Emporium): 2,78

Mango (kg):

Sao Paulo (Pao de Acucar): 5,59

Sao Paulo (Sonda): 5,18

New York (D’Agostino): 5,40

New York (Food Emporium): 6,00

Papaya (kg):

Sao Paulo (Pao de Acucar): 4,35

Sao Paulo (Sonda): 3,90

New York (D’Agostino): 3,52

New York (Food Emporium): 4,10

Coconut Water (330ml):

Sao Paulo (Pao de Acucar): 3,20

Sao Paulo (Sonda): 2,97

New York (D’Agostino): 2,93

New York (Food Emporium): 3,40

Source: Estadao

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