Following our successful post about the full correlation between laziness, inefficiency and the Brazilian Justice, here is another fact (not to mention the 194 million Brazilians) that corroborate with our views: whoever needs the Brazilian Justice today (Wednesday) will find out that it is already Friday for the lucky judges. Following the timetable of the Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF), Brazil’s Supreme Court, judges across the country have already finished their activities, closed their offices, and will enjoy a “well-deserved” three days off as part of an already lagging judiciary system.
But the reader may ask: is it Christmas, already???
According to Lauro Jardim, if one subtracts vacation, public holidays and weekends, the Brazilian court will work effectively 195 days in 2012. In other words, Brazilian Justice will take almost six months off. Sweet, isn’t it? Forget that there 60 million judicial cases pending.
And here is the kicker: the judges always try to explain the slowness of justice by blaming the lack of structure and personnel. Recently, the vice-president of the Association of Federal Judges of Brazil (Ajufe), Fernando Neto Tourinho, justified the long breaks for judges based on “the need to rest their tired brain.”
Only in Brazil…
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