According to the Financial Times, many of Brazil’s top-selling cars are potential death traps when involved in collisions at moderate speeds, an independent study by NCAP has found. The findings come amid soaring road deaths as the country’s growing middle class takes to the roads.  
The study found that many basic models made in Brazil and sold throughout Latin America lacked airbags and had poorly structured cabins. Most of these, which included models made by Volkswagen, Fiat, Chevrolet, Ford and Peugeot, scored one star out of a possible five. A model from China’s Geely scored zero. Below are some of the scores (all models without airbag):
The worst cars on the list Grade
Chevrolet Celta 1
Fiat Novo Uno Evo 1
Volkswagen Gol Trend 1.6 1
Peugeot 207 Compact 5p 1.4 1
Ford Ka Fly Viral  1
Geely 0

Road deaths are rising rapidly in Brazil as car ownership grows, with the country overtaking Germany last year as the fourth-biggest market globally. Brazil’s health ministry ranks the country fifth for road mortalities after India, China, the US and Russia.

“Today’s best-selling cars in Latin America are providing levels of safety 20 years behind the ‘five star’ standards now common in Europe and North America,” Latin NCAP said in a statement.

“What it clearly shows is that the lack of regulation has given manufacturers no incentive to do better when they know perfectly well how they can do better,” said Mr Ward.
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