Romario is out loud, again. With phrases like “Nobody tells me to close my mouth because they know it will never happen,” Romario gave a polemic interview to the NYT regarding Brazil’s World Cup corruption and attacked football entity FIFA.

Highlights below:

“He believes the Brazilian soccer federation, known as the C.B.F., is a “disgrace” and says that its former president, Ricardo Teixeira, who resigned amid allegations of corruption, is “directly a part of everything that has been evil in Brazilian football for the last 10 years.” Teixeira’s replacement, José Maria Marin, is “somehow even worse.” A spokesman for the C.B.F. declined to comment.

FIFA is also to blame for “robbing the Brazilian people,” Romário said, adding that he believed FIFA’s president, Sepp Blatter, had little interest in leaving Brazil in a good state after the World Cup.

“FIFA got what it came for: money,” he said. “Things like transportation that affect the public after the tournament is over? They don’t care. They don’t care about what is going to be left behind.”

“Either Ronaldo and Bebeto (ex-team mates and members of the World cup Committee) aren’t aware of what is going on, or they are pretending they aren’t aware of what is going on. Either way, it is ignorant.”

“You see hospitals with no beds,” he said. “You see hospitals with people on the floor. You see schools that don’t have lunch for the kids. You see schools with no air-conditioning, where kids are going to school in 45 degrees Celsius,” or 113 degrees Fahrenheit. He continued: “You see buildings and schools with no accessibility for people who are handicapped. If you spend 30 percent less on the stadiums, they’d be able to improve the other things that actually matter.”

“They found a way to get rich on the World Cup and they robbed the people instead,” he said. “This is the real shame.”

Source: NYT

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