Famous economist Nouriel “Dr. Doom” Roubini is predicting an uptick in stock prices over the next two years as the Federal Reserve continues its stimulus efforts. But buyer beware, Dr. Doom says, because a day of reckoning is lurking at the end of the two-year horizon.

But for now, he says, investors might want to ride the bubble higher. “In the short-term, it’s great for assets.”

Well, let’s see how his previous calls turned out. The graphic below should paint a nice picture about “great market timers” like Roubini and Rosenberg.

So considering all the bad calls from the past, wouldn’t one be wise enough to short the US market?

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4 Responses to Roubini is bullish on US stocks… time to sell?

  1. Enki Ea says:

    Banco Paulista and its dealer/broker SOCOPA are about to get busted for money laundering + billions of forged forex contracts. Its the new BCCI with links to terror money + drugs + arms, etc.

  2. Rodrigo Rodrigues says:

    The central bank’s aggressive bond-buying and record-low interest rates are forcing yield-hungry investors to buy stocks. At some point, the Fed will reverse course by selling assets and raising interest rates. In turn, that will give investors other options beyond stocks, potentially driving down prices,
    Big business , banks and big government have formed an unholy alliance ( a criminal cartel) against those not on the inside to take over the machinery of power in the USA for their own special interests, subverting both free market capitalism and democratic liberty in the process.
    The Federal Reserve now holds up trillions of dollars worth of inflated asset prices via its destructive policies that it doesn’t know how to unwind with creating another crash – domiciled in a monetary prison of its own making,
    our government and Bankers are intertwined with Wall St. having the upper-hand: the stick, the current systems had devolved into industry cartels which bribe Congress into passing laws that restrict competition and finance bailouts. This explains why your computer and mobile phone improves and why your healthcare does not.
    The only solution to avoid fraud masquerading as an investment market is to abolish the SEC.
    If the SEC had not been created, nobody would trust their money to strangers. Investment would be made directly into small businesses and our economy would be flourishing in ways we cannot even comprehend,We have yet to see our government make any significant changes to our economic policies, regulators continue to ignore the fraudulent activities and outright scams in financial circles, our currency is under threat of losing its world reserve status, more Americans than ever require government assistance just to put food on the table, and our liberties are being progressively restricted on an almost daily basis.
    We Americans, have the right to bear arms to sustain and defend ourselves.
    The brazilian population lost that right a few years ago and now We see the results on the streets, that poor hard working dentist who got burned alive made me sick, This fact, alone, is the elephant in the room when it comes to government control.
    We can see and take advantage of future circumstances in our own country and around the world.
    When I say take advantage of circumstances, I am not saying for profits alone. Our survival in this economic collapse that will affect the world economy, depends on our ability to deversify and work in conjunction with those around us.
    Those who have not put thought or practice into planning and carrying out any kind of preperation for what is coming, are the ones who will not be able to participate in this new bartering economy. They, instead, will be at the mercy of Government assistance, or the cherity of family, friends and churches.

  3. Enki Ea says:

    Guys, the Brazilian BCCI (Banco Paulista) is nearing collapse! It is delivering all its “secret client list” trying to save the “fraudulent” FOREX contracts they’ve been issuing for the past 6-7 years.
    There is a multitude of politicians (of all flags) involved.
    Surprise: there is also a TBTF involved in helping Banco Paulista with the FOREX contracts and with the laundering of its share/fee.
    This is like a Ken Follett novel (from Hezbollah in the Southern area of Brazil to the private rooms of Brasilia and its politicians).
    Its sure to be a great show one the blow up occurs (I’d say around 2 weeks)

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