Huh… we did not know that! Talking about swimming against the tide…

His motto of “Why bother with Brazil when you can expand into Minneapolis instead?” seems to be his response to a query about why the software giant isn’t expanding into more emerging markets overseas.

In a Feb. 23 earnings call (via BizJournals), CEO Marc Benioff said he sees more opportunities in smaller U.S. markets than he does in regions abroad.

“You know, I get questions all the time from our board, … ‘what are you doing about this emerging country or that emerging country?’ We really look at an emerging country like Minneapolis — to us, that’s an emerging country, because the Minneapolis software market is bigger than Brazil. We’re asking ourselves, what are we doing in Minneapolis? That’s why I just was in Minneapolis. That’s why I just did a seminar in Minneapolis. That’s why I’m working so closely with customers in Minneapolis, because that is actually a major software market.”

San Francisco-based makes customer relationship management software, which it delivers via the Web. The publicly-traded company generated about $2.27 billion in revenue last year.

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