Secovi-SP released their half-year report on the Sao Paulo real estate market: “Mercado de Imoveis Novos Residenciais – 1S2011”, thanks for the report comments to Housing Market BR. Read below the highlights (in English) and full report (in Portuguese) for download:
City of Sao Paulo
– In the Sao Paulo state capital, cumulative sales of 11,680 units between January and June represented negative growth of -31.3% compared to the same period in 2010, when 17,005 units were sold.
– New real estate development launches in the first six months of 2011 totaled 13,992 units, according to Embraesp, an increase of only 3% compared to last year’s 13,581 units

The average VSO ratio (“Sales to Offers”for the first half of 2011 stood at 13.2% per month, substantially below last year’s 21.6%

County of Sao Paulo
– With 24,178 units sold in this period, the region recorded negative growth of -28% if compared to the 33,576 properties sold in the same period in 2010
– 24,739 units were launched, a drop of 9.0% compared to 27,187 units launched last year between January to June. Average VSO ratio for this year was 13.5% per month, against 19.1% for 2010.
Credit Growth

– Real estate loans with funds from SBPE (National Savings and Loan) totaled R$37 billion in the first half, an increase of 55.5% over the same period in 2010 (R$23.8 billion). The amount corresponds to 236,000 units financed in the first six months of 2011, compared to 188,000 from January to June of last year (increase of 25.5%).
– The FGTS credit loans (Guarantee Fund for Length of Service) corresponded to R$12.9 billion, equivalent to 409,000 units. Compared to the first half of 2010, growth was 4.9% in values and 31.9% in units.
– Considering the sum of resources from savings (SBPE) with FGTS, the volume for the sector was U.S. $ 49.9 billion, up 38% from last year’s 1H of
R$36.1 billion.
Comparing the sum of units funded by FGTS and SBPE the increase is 30%, with 645,000 units this year and 498,000 in 2010.

Full report (in Portuguese) here:


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